From Secluded Villages, trekking up & downhill in sometime pouring rain through un-disturb misty mountainous cloud forest with its astonishing variety of endemic flora & fauna without forgotten leeches nipping at your ankles isn’t an experience for the faint of heart. Venture into some of the least explore National Parks in Sri Lanka by boat ride from the second biggest damn in the whole Island and by jeep into the dusty or muddy roads where most mammal hide when the hit become to strong. Camp into one of the campsite in the heart of the Maduru Oya National Park, where only the wild as Asian Elephant, Golden Chacal, Sloth Bear, many others, and its nature will be surrounding you. Sail on a catamaran in the middle of the Indian Ocean East coast to reach the unforgettable  whale encounter, swim, snorkel into the sea & finally walk on rocky outcrop on one of the most dramatic historical wonder you’ll see in your time in Sri Lanka near-vertical walls that rise to a summit where you’ll find the ruins & unique gardens set up of an ancient civilization,

steep stair cases to bring you up to some spotless views.

Rare experiences off the beaten track close from natives and away from crowd !

Mini 2 pax






Accommodation As most itinerary proposed, you won't have choice of properties design/service prestation/quality & level (from Guesthouse to 5* boutique/nature retreat/camp) during your stay. For this adventure trip only few nights will be fixed as no other property exist in the area, apart of that please let us know your desire of property type you wish to experience and your budget and we will add this expectation to this originate itinerary. Farmstay in Homestay - Basic Facility - There’s a kitchen, the hosted couple’s bedroom – which doubles as storage space – a narrow corridor, and a small but comfortable guestroom, simply furnished with a bed, chair, candles and a trunkful of books. There are no facilities, no electricity and candles and a kerosene lamp provide the only light at night. Sleep in share bedroom and common area, toilet and bucket shower to share with the family. NO Wi-Fi and mobile phone signal available. Shelter Mountain Lodge - Back to basic, back to nature - In the middle of Knuckles Range Forest Reserve, this shelter is set for the farmer to stay over when they take care of their cows, planting or collecting their farm products. Surrounded by mountain cloud forest, No facility available on site (no electricity, no running water), purely a human & authentic cultural experience back to the source, Experience a camping type under a roof of a shelter. Water will be boil and the food will be cooked the most remote way with wood fire. Sleeping in common area on mattress set on the floor (maximum 8 person per night), toilet and bucket shower to share with the family. NO Wi-Fi onsite and NO mobile phone signal. Government Resthouse (1-3pax) Each basic room offer one queen or 2 single beds with attached simple bathroom with only cold water. Maduru Oya NP Camp Site (1-4pax) Each tent with yoga mat will be bring along in one of the 4x4 jeep. Toilet will be taken in the wilderness, (No shower place) – pure authentic camping experience. Downsouth Beach Retreat - Belong to you to let us know the property category you desire to live in (from Beach Retreat 2* to Private Villa 5*). Tree House to Bush Lodge Retreat - Belong to you to let us know the property category you desire to live in (from Guesthouse 1* to Private Bush Villa 5*)


Day 1 (L-D) Walk around Farmlands & Knuckles Range Forest Reserve Borderline Early morning & after your breakfast, we will get on the road to the Northern Part of Knuckles Range (about 6h drive) and the Ratkind village in the Knuckles valley. En-route we would stop to buy provisions for the home stay and our trek on the day 2. Lunch will be at local kiosk. After arriving in Ratkinda village we will be met by our home stay hosts and will be ushered to grand -parent’s farm house for a cup of tea and late evening dinner to follow. After tea go for wonder in the village and wound up in cool stream to for invigorating bath in Telegamu Oya. Overnight in a farm house in Ratkinda village. Day 2 (B-L-D) Trek & Shelter overnight in the heart of Knuckles Range Forest Reserve Wake up to call of rooster and we will have breakfast in the patio overlooking majestic view of Manigala Mountain. We will be soon packing to head out to Abode; 3.5 mile single file foot path with an elevation gain of 4000 – 4500 feet. Arrive at the hillside house for lunch. We help our local aids collect fire wood and carry water from stream etc. and make ourselves home up the Abode. After lunch we will explore the vast Knuckles plains and deep ravines and return to Abode around 5 pm in the evening. Those who fancy games, rounder’s or cricket is on the cards. The venue is called the “Oval” – a cleared forest patch! Sleep over in the Abode of The Knuckles. Overnight a far remote shelter in the heart of Knuckles Range Forest Reserve Day 3 (B-L-D) Trek in the heart of the Knuckles Range Forest Reserve - Sunset Birding in Gal Oya National Park Countryside After your breakfast, head back down to Ratkinda via loop walk. We will arrive at a river crossing where we would freshen up before calling it at grandparents’ house. After quick snack and tea we will head off to Gal Oya National Park (about 3h drive) Before arriving at your accommodation, you will make small stops as well as an end-of-day walk near a small bird reservoir and its magnificent setting. The promenade offers a number of possible routes through the countryside and around the nearby lake, to observe a wide range of bird species such as kingfishers, eagles, kites and many water birds. Upon your arrival at your resthouse at the end of the day, which will be at your check-in then take a moment to rest before having a simple dinner at the refectory of the resthouse managed by the Sri Lankan government (If not available, you will stay in a guesthouse installed in the same perimeter. Rest of your evening free Night in a Simple Lodge or Government Resthouse aside Gal Oya

  • Birds Encounter can be spotted: Galoya recorded than 150 species of birds. The Alexandrine Parakeet, Plum-Headed Parakeet, Spot-Billed Pelican, Red-Faced Malkoha can seen even if they are very shy. The Indian cormorant, Oriental Darter, Grey Heron, and Lesser Whistling Duck are among the common water birds you will be able to spot around the Senanayake reservoir. The white-bellied sea eagle, and grey-headed fish eaglewill be more visible in the grassland part as well as the indian roller.
Day 4 (B-L-D) Sunrise Boat Safari inside Senanayake Samudra Wildlife Lake Sanctuary - Sunset Safari & Camping in Maduru Oya National Park Discover an ancient land untouched by time, a haven of serenity in which to reconnect with the rhythms of the earth. Immerse yourself in nature. Soak yourself in local culture. Explore the rich wildlife of Gal Oya, one of Sri Lanka’s most remote and least visited wilderness areas where secluded wildlife paradise and some of the most beautiful landscapes can be experience. One of the aspects that make Galoya National Park truly special is that it is the only place where you can take the only boat safari in Sri Lanka and, if you are lucky, see the Asian elephant swimming in its natural habitat. Imagine the thrill of being out on the water in a NP, watching these magnificent creatures swimming from island to island, foraging and socializing at the water’s edge of the largest manmade lake in Sri Lanka . But also being lucky to spot some of the 32 species of mammal including elephants, wild boar, leopards, sloth bears as well as 100s of bird species.… an absolute experience to live in! The memory will stay with you long after your return home. Early in the morning, at 5.30am, you will enter Gal Oya National Park via a water boat safari of approximately 2h ride of the only experience in Sri Lanka which allows you to observe the wildlife off the water. It's a unique way in Sri Lanka to immerse yourself in animal habitats. With a little luck, you may spot elephants swimming between the islands or bathing by the lake. PS: The cruise program on the tank could change in the event of unfavorable weather conditions as well as given the limited number of Boats, if for reasons of last minute unavailability (Engine broken, or other reason), we will do this incursion inside this magnificent park in 4x4 After this incredible experience by boat or 4x4, you will embark for a 2h transfer to the small town of Maha Oya where you will have lunch before changing vehicles and in a jeep depart for Maduru Oya National Park to spend the night .
Maduru Oya National Park Far from being in the spotlight of mass tourism; this immense expanse lost on the eastern part of Sri Lanka is bathed in dry heat due to its arid climate with alternating climates such as the monsoon (in season), surrounded by hills, its reservoirs and lakes, Maduru National Park Oya shelters a unique and rare melting pot of fauna, flora, royal ruins, breathtaking landscapes and engineering exploits by the creation of a dam which allowed to naturally develop its biodiversity, in particular sheltering many endemic and endangered species, as well as Asian elephants which can be seen individually or in a herd, without forgetting the sloth bear, the Sri Lankan leopard, buffalo, white spotted deer, jackal, sambar deer and many others , the slow gray loris as well as the otters are emblematic animals of the park because very little observed outside this park.
Not to be outdone, the avifauna is also very varied and magnificent to see. The white-bellied sea eagle, the great cormorant, the painted stork, the black-hooded oriole, the woodpecker and the national bird of Sri Lanka, the jungle fowl and the malkoha, among others, make their presence obvious, if not very audible. Interestingly, around the tanks, the Asian open bill, the spotted pelican and the eastern stinger occupy the fore, as well as the black-headed ibis and the Eurasian spatula.
In the midst of panoramic landscapes of Maduru Oya, ruins, rising from the ground could be visited such as: Henanigala, Werapokuna, Gurukumbura and Uluketangoda - to name a few and the combination of its different variants offered at Maduru Oya park the pearl of the east. To experiment as quickly as possible
At the entrance of the park, take the time to relax and stretch your legs (the time to prepare access to the park) before continuing your adventure until 6 p.m. in one of the most beautiful national parks wild and less visited due to its remote location, having a huge reservoir surrounded by evergreen forest, landscapes of immense expanse of Savannah, without forgetting the very rare and endemic tree "vatica obscura", which the only species of Dipterocapaceae present in the dry area can be seen here. Open your eyes during this ride on a superb dusty or muddy road (depending on weather conditions), and observe the Asian elephant, the wild buffalo, the Jackal, lucky if a jungle cat, a Sri Leopard Lanka shows itself, several species of birds will appear along your way to illuminate the experience. At the end of the day, you will land at your camp located in the heart of the park, and after having set up the tents (do not forget your ground sheet and your sleeping bag), you will have the rest of the evening free to enjoy the unique location where you will spend the night under the stars
Night in a Camp set up either in the jungle or on a plot at the edge of a reservoir in the heart of Maduru Oya National Park, Simple tent will be installed (do not forget 'bring your floor mat and sleeping bag) a set portable toilet and shower will be installed for minimum hygiene)
  • Birds Encounter can be spotted: Woolly-Necked Stork, Crested Serpent-Eagle, Crested Treeswift, Indian Swiftlet, Pheasant-Tailed Jacana, Green Imperial-Pigeon, Purple Sunbird, Streaked Weaver, and many more ... Some Endemic: Sri Lanka Grey Hornbill, Red-faced Malkoha, Crimson-fronted Barbet, Brown-capped Babbler, Sri Lanka Scimitar-babbler, Spot-winged Thrush
Day 5 (B-L) 4x4 Safari morning in the heart of Maduru Oya National Park Early this morning, after your breakfast, at 6 a.m., you will re-embark in your jeep for a sunrise safari and have even more to meet and opportunity to observe wild animals and migratory or resident birds. . Around 9am, you will take the road back to Maha Oya for a quick break before taking the direction of the light yellow sand beach of Nilaveli (around 5h drive). At your arrival at your property, you will have the rest of your day free & easy to enjoy your property and its surrounded. Night in Downsouth Beach Retreat (Let us know the level of the service & prestation expectated for your beach property) Day 6 (B-L) Morning Catamaran Sailing Whale Watching Safari Very early this morning you will depart for Trincomalee, and at 6.30am you will join in and boarding in a catamaran from Dutch Bay and sail towards the Whales. Along the way our chef will serve a freshly prepared breakfast and the moment whales are spotted you will be invited to the bow or upper deck for getting the best view. After the whale watching, you will return to shore and anchor for few hours in the back bay near Thirukoneswaram Temple where you will be able to jump into the sea, swim and snorkel until lunch will be served. By 1.30pm, you will disembark back at the Dutch Bay. Before we get back to our property, you will make a stop-over at the Thirukoneswaram Temple for a quick visit. Arrival at your property, rest of your afternoon and evening free & easy

Night in Downsouth Beach Retreat (Let us know the level of the service & prestation expectated for your beach property)

Day 7 (B--D) Morning Beach Free and Easy or Scuba dive - Pidurangala Sunset Rock Climbing Enjoy what we could say a morning beach day, for you to rest after this adventure across Sri Lanka, take the time to walk on the beach, chill on a sunbed or scuba dive into the sea (2 morning dives optional, let us know in advance to arrange). After lunch, you will depart for Sigiriya (around 2h drive) and your property where you will be free and easy to do some birding around. By 4pm, we will pick you up to take the direction of un-famous un-crowed Pidurangal Rock. Make sure you bring a sarong or scarf, as you’ll need to cover your shoulders when you walk through the temple ground. Start the steady fairly ascent hike, walking next to a steep rock wall. There are some stairs and large boulders to step across until you get to a few remnants left of the Royal Cave Temple, including the remains of a few monastic structures. The main feature is the reclining Buddha statue, sheltered by a protruding rock. It’s half reconstructed in brick, though much of the original statue is still there. Pass other this giant reclining Buddha statue, the hike gets a little bit tricky. While there isn’t too much more hiking to go, there are massive boulders blocking the way up the path. The “path” essentially continues beyond the boulders and up to the top of Pidurangala Rock. It’s best to climb these with a buddy. You can help each other up and around the rocks. Arrival at the top, take the time to see some of the most astonishing 360 degrees sceneries Sri Lanka offer. After our descent, you will return to your property where you will be free and easy. Night in Tree House or Bush Retreat (Let us know the level of the service & prestation expectated for your beach property)

Day 8 (B-L) Morning Lion's Rock Ascent - Colombo International Airport By 6am, you will heading to the world famous and referred as “the eight wonder of the world”and recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage. Rising 200meter above the surrounding jungle with a flat plateau on top, it formed from the magma of an extinct volcano over 200 billion years ago, Sigiriya rock is one of the world best examples of ancient urban planning built up over 1500 years ago offering over 1200 steps to the top. The earlier you start the climbing the better to avoid large crowed as well as the heat can become intense upon the sun rise. Upon the climb you will encounter multiple opportunity to stop featuring gorgeous views. You will pass by the Mirror Wall (now Stained orange) used to be a highly polished white wall wrapping around the edge of the rock. Reaching the northern side of the rock where the main entrance to the palace , you will not miss the huge Lion Paws, then continue the climb until the top to fell completely accomplished. After our descent, you will get back to your property for your breakfast, before getting back on the road to Colombo International Airport (about 5h drive)



What is Included? All transfer from/to Colombo International Airport with a licenced national guide driver, all accommodations, meals mentioned in the itinerary, all entrances fees of National Parks, Forest Reserve & Sanctuary, Village trekker leader on Day 1-2-3, Jeep safari game ride sunset & sunrise in Maduru Oya with experience 2x4 jeep driver & NP ranger, Boat safari on Gal Oya NP Reservoir with NP rangers, drinking water, coffee & tea, Cultural heritage entrance fees, 7h sailing on catamaran. What is Excluded? Additional all chargeable water activities and board rental at your beach property, sodas and alcoholic beverages (none are available at site, need to buy by yourself prior arrival), tipping and gratuities to your licenced guide driver, jeep driver, Village trekker leader, NP rangers


What to Bring? Head lamp, mosquito repellent, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, camera (if you have a DSLR with one 300mm lense to capture some wildlife & bird close up will be a plus), dry bag, money, change of clothes, swimwear, sea sickness tablets, pareo, water bottle, toiletries, own medical treatment, basic first aid kit, very good light trekking shoes (Salomon X trail for example), anti-transpirant socks, light clothes for the treks easy to dry fast, one sweater for the night as the temperature goes down in the Hill Country (Day 1,2,3), raincoat. Things you should know! Cell phone coverage could be sometime not available. Outdoor activities are subject to weather conditions, and may be re-organised in the event of bad weather. For the Catamaran Sailing Whale Watching - We plan to sail rain or shine, so please check the forecast and be sure to dress for the weather. In the event the Captain deems the sailing conditions unsafe, such as thunderstorms or extremely high winds, we will have to cancel it and replace it by another activity or if you extend the beach stay post-poned it another day (no refund). If you are prone or unaware you get seasick, you will need to ensure you have sea sickness tablets before departure Be Aware: Seeing whales and any others wildlife (elephant, leopard, sloath bear,...) is never guaranteed. They are the end of the day land & marine mammals that are unpredictable, so it is up to what to show themselves. There is no refund if the wildlife decide not show Departure Daily based on a minimum booking of 2 pax per departure. Solo traveler will incur single supplement charges. ONLY for Active Family use to do nature sport, regular nature walk & trek, in chess of pure off beaten track trail, adventureous, nature, wildlife lovers, individual, families, groups of friends and others in good physical condition and good stamina. Guide - Our Licenced National Guide Driver will be welcoming you onboard and will make sure you will be carefully taking care for your first to your last day. - Galoya & Maduru Oya national Park Safari(s) will be accompany with local rangers & experience guides Recommended for Families, couples, nature & sport enthusiasts, birders & wildlife lover, and adventurous travelers wanting to get away from the mass. This program can be suitable for children 10 years and above if stamina is prepared as the trails surrounding the Knuckles Range can be strenuous and we Do we accept children Minimum age required will be 10 years old Teenager Responsible Traveler Be aware that you will be in a reserved area and a sensitive environment. Consider your actions:

  • Cut out plastic – remove and recycle plastic packaging before coming into the area
  • Bring rechargeable batteries as disposable batteries leach toxic chemicals as they degrade in a landfill, and recycling facilities are scarce in areas like Sri Lanka
  • Bring your own water flask (metal will be better) – you can fill up at the eating area instead of purchasing bottled water
  • If you smoke, never throw your cigarette butts on the ground or in the forest – dispose of them in ashtrays or bins
  • During outdoor and nature activities, take your cues from the expert local guides. Follow their instructions when observing wildlife. Be aware that you may need to take extra care in these areas to respect the natural environment.