We hope that all of you are staying safe and healthy during this time. The crisis has impacted the whole world, forcing us to adjust to the new norm in these uncertain times. Travel is facing a sudden global halt, but we have good news for adventurers that are in Sri Lanka who have an itch to travel. With the hard work of both the Sri Lankan government and the public for the past few months, inter-province travel is now allowed in Sri Lanka and we are ready to bring you on meaningful adventures again. Discover places within our island that you have yet to set your feet on and get to know your own backyard with Indigo Explorer. International travel is still closed at the moment, but we will be providing updates here on this page and our digital platforms once it is open. More details about it below in our COVID-19 updates.

On arrival in Sri Lanka

All Sri Lankan Airports will have high intensity sanitation measures in place for all areas and staff. Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) Colombo Ratmalana Airport (RMA) Mattala Rajapaksa Hambantota Airport (MRIA) There is no quarantine on arrival unless symptoms are detected. A PCR Test would be done on arrival at each airports (without charge) Currently it take 24 hours to receive the test results. We are making change to have results within 4-6 hours by August 01 2020 In the event, it is required to wait 24 hours for test results; you will be needed to stay in a hotel for one-night stay for any certified 4 or 5 stars properties in Colombo or Negombo Area until the test results will be received. A further test will be done 4-5 days after arrival by any mobile unit in coordination with our operation

Moving around Sri Lanka

During your stay with us around, we will arrange the vehicule needed drive with one of our personal certified licenced which will make you discover our amazing island the most private way. Unfortunately during your stay NO PUBLIC TRANSPORTWILL BE USED All tourist sites will be open from the 1st August 2020 onward with safety protocols and measures in places to ensure the wellbeing of you and all Sri Lankan people

Where can I stay & Is there a minimum duration?

A minimum of 5 night stay in our stunning Island will be required

Who can visit Sri Lanka from 01 September 2020?

All Expatriate & Sri Lankan Citizens currently living in Sri Lanka are able to travel within the island ONLY from from the 1st September 2020 All nationalities from outside Sri Lanka are welcome as well as all of you want to explore Sri Lanka with us whether groups, families, individuals from the 1st January 2021

Information required for VISA APPLICATION to Sri Lanka?

Upon arrival at the airport, please make sure, you will print out: - Booking details at certified accommodation - The whole itinerary in Sri Lanka printed - your return ticket - Proof of medical insurance - Minimum 5 nights stay

Staying Over 10 Days & Quarantine Process

Travelers staying for more than 10 days will be required to take a third test during their stay While this may be inconvenient it is essential to safeguard everybody and provide peace of mind No quarantine on arrival unless symptoms are detected. In case of a positive PCR result, quarantine in a designated hotel/property or hospitalisation will take place depending on the details of the case Quarantine would usually be 14 to 21 days if symptoms are detected

What are the Visa procedure during Covit 19?

All Travelers will require a valid visa, this will be issued for 30 days and extentable for up to 6 months after arrival online visa at Visa fee USD100 which included free PCR Test on Arrival

Pre Departure Covit-19 PCR testing in Sri Lanka

A negative PCR test is required prior to boarding your flight and on arrival in Sri Lanka The COVID-19 PCR test should be no older than 72 hours prior to boarding