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From sport active, fun, thematic, itinerant travel tour & Educational holiday or a combination of experiences - from north to south, west to east of Sri Lanka - to the sea, to the mountains, in the tea plantations, in the different types of forests, in the bush surrounded by wild animals as well as in the heart of gigantic cultural heritages! We work in a permanent concern of creativity and quality of stays for young people by alternating multiple activities such as land sports, aquatic, nature discovery, safari & fun activities ...

For each group of children and youth, aged 13 to 25, we create personalized programs for school to university groups and DMC specializes in groups of youth where everyone will find their happiness, escape, educational and community encounter.

Our Student Group Travel Tour & Educational Holidays in Sri Lanka will be adapted to the age and desire of each client and with the supervision of the School and DMCs teams, our rigorously selected team will supervise your groups with great attention with our main objective is to meet the expectations of young people while ensuring their safety which is essential to the quality of each of our stays

Contact us for more examples of information and to create together your next stay on the pearl of Indian Ocean "Sri Lanka".

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