Walking uphill in the pouring rain with leeches nipping at your ankles isn’t an experience for the faint of heart, but it’s a small price to pay for a visit to the remote mountain village of Walpolamulla – population: six – the site of an inspiring small-scale ecotourism venture in the Knuckles Range, a conservation area in central Sri Lanka. A 155-square-kilometre wilderness of misty mountains – the highest peaks reach 1,900 meters – waterfalls and rivers, it contains five major forest formations and an astonishing variety of endemic flora and fauna. With more than 1,000 species of flowering plant, 100 species of bird, 75 species of reptile, plus wild boars, civets, toque monkeys, sambars and porcupines – not to mention the shy and elusive leopard –

the Knuckles are a nature lover’s paradise, although, with little in the way of infrastructure, one that isn’t easy to explore.

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The property Knuckles are rugged massif littered with over 33 spectacular peaks rising over 4000 - 6000 feet above sea level that encapsulate a very unique eco system. The cluster of villagers that adorns the valley has blend into a lifestyle that one must say a league of their own. We operate 2 home stays; one in the valley bottom which is a living village with full on daily activities and the other on the hillside 3.5 miles away middle of the biosphere reserve which had been a living village up until 2007. Sparsely populated the locals still live a very traditional life styles eking a living out of the forest. Some being rice farmers and others herdsman, the wondering lot are aces when it comes to finding numerous trails where they run daily errands of course. Accommodation Homestay guestroom (1-3 pax) . There’s a kitchen, the hosted couple’s bedroom – which doubles as storage space – a narrow corridor, and a small but comfortable guestroom, simply furnished with a bed, chair, candles and a trunkful of books. There are no facilities, no electricity and candles and a kerosene lamp provide the only light at night. Cuisine Only fresh grows vegetables from the backyard will be genuinely traditionally Sri Lankan home-cooked Special, non-spicy, dishes can be prepared for children. Similarly, we can prepare simple meals accordingly for people with special diet requirements or allergies. Facilities & Services No facilities will be provided as you are far remote, on the hindsight can be for the laid back chill out sort; to wound up reading a book, enjoy home cooked meal and go for dip in the nearby stream. If you curry a favor with the local could even end up downing few gulps of toddy; the potent drink of the fish tail palm. Seeding season and harvesting in particular are very interesting times in the village to visit (Nov –Jan & May – July). The community will be very happy to welcome visitors during this period. A helping hand goes a long way! Guides Our experienced trekking guide will bring you along during this 3 days, as well as the local farmers will be our guides & hosts.


Day 1 (L-D) Pick up from Matale or Kandy and drive to Ratkind village in the Knuckles valley. Drive takes about 3 hours. En-route we would stop to buy provisions for the home stay and our trek on the day 2. Lunch will be at local kiosk. After arriving in Ratkinda village we will be met by our home stay hosts and will be ushered to grand -parent’s farm house for a cup of tea and late evening dinner to follow. After tea go for wonder in the village and wound up in cool stream to for invigorating bath in Telegamu Oya. Overnight at grandparent’s farm house in Ratkinda village. Day 2 (B-L-D) Wake up to call of rooster and we will have breakfast in the patio overlooking majestic view of Manigala Mountain. We will be soon packing to head out to Abode; 3.5 mile single file foot path with an elevation gain of 4000 – 4500 feet. Arrive at the hillside house for lunch. We help our local aids collect fire wood and carry water from stream etc. and make ourselves home up the Abode. After lunch we will explore the vast Knuckles plains and deep ravines and return to Abode around 5 pm in the evening. Those who fancy games, rounder’s or cricket is on the cards. The venue is called the “Oval” – a cleared forest patch! Sleep over in the Abode of The Knuckles. Day 3 (B) After your breakfast, head back down to Ratkinda via loop walk. We will arrive at a river crossing where we would freshen up before calling it at grandparents’ house. After quick snack and tea we will head off to Matale. Those who fancy a bus ride (leaves at 2.30 pm) there is window of extra 4 hours to potter around the village, for the others, transfer to your van for your next destination


What is Included? Accommodation inside Knuckles Ranges remote village first night being in the valley bottom house where grandparents live and in a hillside house on day 2, full board meals, cooked drinking water, coffee & tea, and the daily activities What is Excluded? Travel to Matale, sodas and alcoholic beverages (none are available at site, need to buy by yourself prior arrival), tipping and gratuities to guide, Farmers & families.


What to Bring? Head lamp, mosquito repellent, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, binocular, dry bag, money (no ATM), comfortable beach appareil, water bottle, toiletries, basic first aid kit, sleepers & comfortable walking shoes, swimming clothes (for those want to go dip into the natural pool). Things you should know! Both Villages are in marge of the conventional road, the mobile phone signal can be inexistent most of the time, no electricity at the hillside house (only wood cook meals & water). Get into a climatic microcosm & some untouched Montane, Clouds forests where more than 34% of Sri Lanka endemic trees are founds. Open your eyes birds life could be surprisingly intense. Departure Daily based on a minimum booking of 2pax per departure. Solo traveller will incur single supplement charges. It should be made aware that Knuckles is very remote and for days one would not have any communication or access to a town. It is not recommended for wee souls but for adventure and experience seekers. A reasonable level of fitness is required for treks in the Knuckles. Do we accept children Children are very welcome and families. There are no specific facilities for children and we wouldn't recommend the retreat for very young children. No kids allowed below 6 years old. BE AWARE FOR MORE RAINY DAYS BETWEEN OCTOBER AND MARCH, WHICH AMPLIFY LEETCHES EXPERIENCES!!