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Trekking Adventure Off The Beaten Path to The Holly Adam's Peak by the ancient Erithna Road

Mostly underestimated the challenge of ascending Adam's Peak (locally known as Sri Pada) at 2243 meters and especially when selected its western side road which depart not far from the small town of Kuruwita (next to Ratnapura where a night have to be spend before the hike).

In the morning of the hike, after 1h30 tuktuk on a very narrow road across remote villages to get to the starting point, prepare your gear and after a brief briefing, depart the ascent to the Sri Pada by first 3km mix mud trail & staircases with a pretty fast elevation until Warnagala Ambalama a place people use to worship where statues of God Sumana Saman, God Kataragama, Goddess Maha Manike can be seen. The trail become more narrow after 2km of hike, get lucky to do some river crossing before entering the inhabitated of the Peak Wilderness sanctuary where the elevation remain very smooth and the forest become ticker and ticker and the more the heat and

Additional info: the Peak Wilderness Sanctuary is a tropical rainforest formation that spreads over a land of 224 square kilometers around the Sri Pada (Adam's Peak) mountain. A huge forest area that belonged to the Peak Wilderness was cut down and cleared during the British colonial rule in Sri Lanka (1815-1948) to gain land for the massive tea estates which are still functioning in Nuwara Eliya district. The remaining portion of the Peak Wilderness was declared a wildlife sanctuary on October 25, 1940. The contours of "Sri Pada" Peak Wilderness vary from 1000 to 7360 feet above sea level. Therefore, it possesses unusual geographical formations compared to the other natural reserves of the island. This forest area is entirely under the control of Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Department. It does not maintain any lodge, bungalow or such type of facility for tourists inside Peak Wilderness sanctuary in order to safeguard the purity of this forest. Yet, there is no restriction for eco-tourists to enter the sanctuary after obtaining permission from Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Department. Entering the sanctuary during the rain season is at the tourist’s own risk because of the unforeseen downpours and instant floods lead to life-risk situations.

heat and unforgiving humidity through this wild forest reserve, the un-disturb wildlife can spotted multiple time as the endemic Toque Macaque, the rare & endemic Bear Langur or Montane purple-faced langur which is a Subspecies of the Purple face langur can be easily differency from the others subspecies by wearing a large dark gray brown coat with prominent white cheek tufts as well as long and shaggy fur due to the extreme climate condition (hot & humid during day, cold-wet & winding during night) without forgotten amazing birding session. By day end, we reach the very small Indikatupana Shop & rest place for us to take a nap & resource ourself with some simple local food (the rest place is just a roof with 4 walls with windows open, so the fresh wind can cross the rest place) so after getting our yoga map and sleeping bag (10-15 degree) set on the floor wherever anyone feel comfortable, feel free to chill and rest. (if people are still fresh and it isnt too late, we can climb all the way until the summit and sleep in the temple at the top too). By 2am, getting headlight on and start the last 3h ascent to the summit for getting the sunrise and enjoy the early morning procession and buddhism culture surrounded by 360 degree breathtaking scenery. walk down to the eastern side by the most popular road (hatton road) where huge amount of people walk this road to Nallathanniya will make a contrast of the road used the previous day. Easy last 3KM down by 95% staircases and overpopulated could be down in 1h as 3h depending the crowd.

The sense of achievement & experience was overwhelming. In retrospect, the sweetest things of all were the friendly encounters with local pilgrims, remote temples & statues, being very close to Mother Nature, and getting to feel like a pilgrim in the ancient time.

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