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Situated in the Cultural Triangle, Angammedilla NP consists of a variety of forest types, from secondary, riverine forest and mostly cover by evergreen grasslands. It is also one of the least visited and hence spoiled of Sri Lankas reserves who have this particularity to own at his entrance ancient irrigation system rehabilitate from Amban river to the Parakrama Samudra reservoir.

Spend a day exploring this untouched park with your own jeep, local guide and NP Ranger. You are likely to see herds of Wild Sri Lankan Elephants by sundown around the reservoir as well as a fascinating array of wildlife from colourful butterflies to birds, a trip will be an off the beaten track memorable treat.

Mini 2 pax





Day 1 (L) After your breakfast, you will take the lead to the un-exposed Angammedilla National Park (about 1hrs30min-2hrs transfer from Sigiriya/Dambulla, 45min from Polonnaruwa)), after your registration, you will venture first by foot to one part of the national park (in the bush) to reach the river which you will follow until you get back to your starting point. During this walk observe amazing forest and encounter wildlife species like giant flying squerrel, various monkey as Toque Macaques, White Langgur black face Monkey and also crocodile if they are not too shy to show themselve. You will then enter the another side of the park this time in 4x4 jeep to ride all the way to the giant reservoir “Parakrama Samudra” where by 4pm onward hordes of Elephants and giant tuskers can be seen. You will ride along the lake (depend of its water level) to look for them. Observe multiples varieties of vagrant and migrant birds on and by the reservoir which will had this ride worth to experience. After the incursion into the National Park, you will be transfer back to your property for you to enjoy the peaceful environment and its facilities. Rest of the evening and night free and easy BE AWARE: if the water level of the Parakrama Samudra Lake will be too high, the 4x4 safari in Angamedilla NP will be transfer to Kaudulla NP


What is Included? Local NP Ranger , entrance fee of Angamedilla NP, 4x4 jeep & its competent driver, Pack Lunch What is Excluded? Your own drink you desire us to set up in the ice box


What to Bring? Mosquito repellent, sunscreen, change of clothes, comfortable walking shoes. Camera to capture all of the sights, Some extra cash if you want to purchase souvenirs, Hat, Sunscreen, torch light, head light Departure Daily based on a minimum booking of 2 pax per departure. Single supplement applies for solo travellers. Guide Our local guide accompany by the local NP Ranger will do their best to spot for you the wildlife in their natural habitat and safe ride ALL YEAR AROUND (ESPECIALLY JULY TO SEPTEMBER TO SEE ELEPHANTS GATHERING)