Half Day



Tuk Tuk ride during sunrise or during the day the ruins of Anuradhapura are one of South Asia’s most evocative historical sights. The sprawling complex contains a rich collection of archaeological and architectural wonders: enormous dagobas (brick stupas), ancient pools and crumbling temples, built during Anuradhapura’s thousand years of rule over Sri Lanka. Today, several of the sites remain in use as holy places and temples; frequent ceremonies give Anuradhapura a vibrancy that’s a sharp contrast to the museum-like ambience at Polonnaruwa. Get at the right time at some reservoir for stunning sceneries and birding photoshoot.

Mini 2 pax




Day 1 At your arrival at the heart of the city, you will change your transport to embark into a 2 -3hrs tuk tuk journey. You’ll wander through woods where crumbling walls and stone pillars emerge from overgrown grasses, ride & walk deeper into the forest to discover what was once unknown, this 2,000 year old city revealing itself to you. Stand among the silent ruins as you gaze in all directions, breeze will stir the trees first on your left, then on your right, as it winds through the forest. The dampness of the heat will stick to you in the middle of the day as you pad through unpaved paths leading to moss-covered brick walls and moonstones and thousand-year-old Buddha sculptures. Giant stupas will tower over the largest trees, and you’ll realize that seeing a single one of these far on the horizon is more impressive than a modern city skyline. You’ll walk the round bases of countless dagobas, craning your neck to see the top, gazing at the white plaster that makes them instantly recognizable throughout the country where silently witness the devout as they pray and lay offerings at these active religious sites.


What is Included? Tuk Tuk Ride, local guide , entrance fees of Sri Mada Bohi & Anuradhapura sites What is Excluded? Your own drink you desire us to set up in the ice box


What to Bring? Mosquito repellent, sunscreen, change of clothes, comfortable walking shoes or sleepers. Camera to capture all of the sights, Some extra cash if you want to purchase souvenirs, Hat, Sunscreen (make sure you are protected with the open roof tuk tuks) Departure Daily based on a minimum booking of 2 pax per departure. Single supplement applies for solo travellers. Guide Our Tuk Tuk Driver and a local guide will do their best to ensure you are having a good time on board, so please feel free to ask your guide for anything you may need or want to know!