Getting into the wildest and un-explored part of Sri Lanka, venture ancestral vedda homeland  & Asian Elephants country   where mountain fortress turned monastery. Jeep Ride & Trek through evergreen grassland savanna on ancient royalty legend path, experience the rare opportunity to exchange Vedda Culture in an overnight pure bivouac stay at their oldest remote cave overhang stunning mountainous sceneries where regularely wild elephants can be seen. Journey to  encounter multiple wildlife, birds in

one of the least visited area in Sri Lanka, don't miss it!

Mini 2 pax




The property The both campsite will be only accessible by one road end of dusty road accessible via jeep and one through out a journey trek across the evergreen Savanna. No toilet and shower will be established at both camps. We will define you the location where you will be able to do your needs and toiletry. During nights at your camps, you will be absolutely cut away from the normal way of life as no signal will cover the area, we will carry satellite phone in case of emergency. Before we leave this campside, we will entirely clean up our passage to let back the wild where it supposed to be with the minimum human impact. Accommodation Maduru Oya NP Camp Site (1-4pax) Each 3 person tent with yoga mat will be bring along in one of the jeep. Toilet will be taken in the wilderness, (No toilet &shower place) – pure authentic camping experience. Ridge Bivouac Camp Site (1-4pax) Each person will sleep on a yoga mat on open air in an open cave. Toilet and shower will be taken in the wilderness – pure authentic camping experience No electricity available inside National Camp Cuisine Simple and very delightful local delicacies cook on wood fire or on the stove depend of the camps location. You will venture trying native veddah cuisine which become extremely rare to get to try out their delicacies as well as purely Sri Lankan freshly made dishes. We won’t forget some good coffee & tea to be given as much as possible. Alcohol will not be permitted inside the park (for all Non Alcoholic Beverage, please buy prior entrance the National Park). Please remain to bring back all garbage you will bring in Facilities & Services No facilities will be provided apart being where you are. Such a lush & uniqueless to be able to spend the night(s) inside one national park (not just outside the NP gate) and one night in the middle of the wilderness in a cave. Our team will take good care of you during your stay. Guides Local acknowledges guides, & Native Veddah Guides, National Park Rangers & Jeep Driver Depart can be organise everyday


Day 1 (D) From Maha Oya town and by 1.30pm, you will get on the road by jeep for about 40 min ride to reach the entrance of Maduru Oya National Park, take the time to relax and stretch your legs (the time to prepare access to the park) before continuing your adventure until 6pm. in one of the most beautiful national parks wild and less visited due to its remote location, having a huge reservoir surrounded by evergreen forest, landscapes of immense expanse of Savannah, without forgetting the very rare and endemic tree "vatica obscura", which the only species of Dipterocapaceae present in the dry area can be seen here. Open your eyes during this ride on a superb dusty or muddy road (depending on weather conditions), and observe the Asian elephant, the wild buffalo, the Jackal, lucky if a jungle cat, a Sri Leopard Lanka shows itself, several species of birds will appear along your way to illuminate the experience. At the end of the day, you will land at your camp located in the heart of the park, and after having set up the tents (do not forget your ground sheet and your sleeping bag), you will have the rest of the evening free to enjoy the unique location where you will spend the night over the gazing sky. Day 2 (B-L-D) Early this morning, after your breakfast, at 6am, you will re-embark in your jeep for a sunrise safari and have even more to meet and observe wildlife and migratory or resident birds. Around 9am, you will take the road for Maha Oya from where you will take the direction of the starting point for the expedition across the wilderness of Pollebedda and its remote hills where a natural fortress lost in the middle of the savannah and deep Sri Lankan forest where elephants reign there in master. This trek is very rarely taken because of a distant son and his difficulty of access.
When you arrive at the starting point, we leave for 2 days of hiking with one night in an open-air bivouac and after meeting our guide and our porters, we will take the direction of the starting point.
After walking about 7KM through the legume plantations to "Chena Wadiya", you will walk to the foot of the rock in a dense Savannah type primary forest which during the civil war many confrontations passed here. The surrounding landscape at this point has something spectacular surrounded by mountains on all four sides and in the middle of very tall grass meadow (perfect food for elephants). The first part of the ascent is made up of a forest typical of the dry zone which shows signs of strong elephant activities. From the start, you will walk on an old path built by King Sadhdhatissa to reach the top of the rock, part of the ascent will be on steps of very old rock slabs and dry scrub type forests before arriving at the summit of the rock. When you arrive, install your floor carpet and enjoy the rest of the afternoon and evening to enjoy the idyllically isolated setting and offer breathtaking landscapes (hydrate because it will be very hot and it will be very dry) and discover the centerpiece of this unique setting which is the "pond" of 3m deep and its oya toads, including the regions of Omanugala and Thoppigala .. This magnificent site has never been completed and the ruins of summit suggest. Today, this mountain fortress transformed into a monastery is in the homeland of a Vedda community, which lives in and around Pollebedda "renowned" village of veddah immortalized in the books of Dr Spittel. Rest of your evening free in the cave and appreciate one more night totally away from everywhere. Day 3 (B-L) After your camp fire simple breakfast, start your descent and resume the same path taken the day before through very nature and breathtaking landscapes. It will most likely be possible to observe elephants during these 2 days as well as the possibility of observing other wild animals such as golden jackals, sloth bear as well as many tropical birds. When you arrive at your guesthouse, where a lunch will be avaiting for you, before you depart for your next destination.


What is Included? Accommodation in basic hostel queen or twin bedroom with attached washroom, 2 camps sites with 1-4 person tents (in the National Park), bivouac with yoga mat (in the wilderness), fullboard meals, national park entrance fees, jeep safari, Maduru Oya National park Rangers, 2D1N trek with the Veddah What is Excluded? Transfer from/to Maha Oya, Tips and gratuities, Carbonated & alcoholic beverages, snacks, additional jeep safari


What to Bring? Think Trek light and comfortable!Head lamp, mosquito repellent, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, camera, dry bag, money (no ATM), change of clothes, swimwear, water bottle, water purification tablets (we will cook the water on top of it), toiletries, own medical treatment, basic first aid kit, very good light trekking shoes (Salomon X trail for example), anti-transpirant socks, light clothes for the treks easy to dry fast (be aware on the trek multiple time in the bushes you have bush spikes can hurt you), one sweater for the night as the temperature goes down pass 1am, but during the day it is extremely hot and dry. Things you should know! Cell phone coverage is none available. Satellite phone will be in case of emergency available from the main guide in excursion. Outdoor activities are subject to weather conditions, and may be re-organised in the event of bad weather. Departure Daily based on a minimum booking of 2 pax per departure. Solo traveler will incur single supplement charges. For only trekker (trained will be a plus) in chess of pure off beaten track trails, adventureous, nature, wildlife lovers couple, individual, families, groups of friends and others in good physical condition and good stamina in chess of nan uniqueless human & wildlife experience remote location & lifestyle. Do we accept children Unfortunately the walk is a long way, so we won’t allowed kids to venture in this adventure – minimum age required 12 years old (Trained ONLY)